Philip K. Dick's robotic head

philipkdick_headPhilip K. Dick has been resurrected from the dead as a talking robot head by Hanson Robotics. Below is the video to prove it. What makes this post even more bizarre is that this is the second Philip K. Dick robotic head they've built. Philip K. Dick heads are being mass produced it seems.  I think there are bodies attached too, but I'm not sure how functional they are. Hanson Robotics misplaced the last one (perhaps it escaped?) on a transcontinental flight in 2005 and then subsequently sued the airlines and lost.

Here's the judge's decision in the 2008 court case (via Total Dick Head). I would have loved to have been there.

"Philip K. Dick and other science fiction luminaries have often explored whether robots might eventually evolve to exercise freedom of choice. See, e.g., 2001: A Space Odyssey (a HAL 9000 exercises his freedom of choice to make some bad decisions). But there is no doubt that humans have the freedom of choice to bind themselves in mutually advantageous contractual relationships. When Plaintiff chose to enter the Contract of Carriage with Defendant he agreed, among other things, to limit Defendant's liability for lost baggage. Failing to show that he is entitled to relief from that agreement, Plaintiff is bound by the terms of that contract, which bars his state law claims...The Court must GRANT Defendant's Motion. But it does so hoping that the android head of Mr. Dick is someday found, perhaps in an Elysian field of Orange County, Dick's homeland, choosing to dream of electric sheep."

Anyway, that was Philip K. Dick 1.0., the video below shows Philip K. Dick head 2.0 in action. Perhaps he'll eventually build himself robotic legs and try and track down his 1.0 sibling?

"We are excited to welcome the new Philip K. Dick robot to the Hanson family," Hansen Robotics tweeted. The YouTube caption reads:

"Hanson Robotics just rebuilt the Philip K. Dick Android. To replace the android that we lost in 2005, Dutch public broadcasting corporation VPRO sponsored this new robotic Phil. The robot is smarter and more sophisticated than ever, and is growing smarter all the time. Phil lives!!"

Let's hope so.

Here's a YouTube clip of the the Philip K. Dick head 1.0 too.

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