Tom Cruise and Bill Paxton in All You Need is Kill

killTom Cruise is jumping back into science fiction in a big way. We recently reported on his involvement in the epic post-apocalyptic film Oblivion, and now he has signed on to the Japanese science fiction graphic novel adaptation All You Need is Kill. While the title leaves me a bit cold, the official plot synopsis has shades of Ground Hog Day and Source Code and sounds wild:

"There's one thing worse than dying. It's coming back to do it again and again... When the alien Gitai invade, Keiji Kiriya is just one of many raw recruits shoved into a suit of battle armor and sent out to kill. Keiji dies on the battlefield, only to find himself reborn each morning to fight and die again and again. On the 158th iteration though, he sees something different, something out of place: the female soldier known as the Bitch of War. Is the Bitch the key to Keiji's escape, or to his final death?"

Keiji Kiriya is a new recruit in the United Defense Force. The force fights alien creatures nick named "Mimics" that have laid siege to Earth. Keiji's skill as a soldier grows as he passes through each time loop and attempts to free himself from an inexplicable, repetitive existence.

Most recently Cruise appeared in the critically panned Rock of Ages, but of course has been involved in other excellent science fiction works including the Minority Report and War of the Worlds (as long as you can forgive their contrived final acts).

According to Deadline, All you need is kill will soon go into production and Cruise has already undertaken preliminary work in London.

Along with Cruise as Keiji Kiriya, All you need is kill stars Emily Blunt as Valkyrie One, Charlotte Riley and Lee Asquith-Coe. Variety just reported that Bill Paxton has also joined the cast. With Cruise, Blunt and Paxton on board, my interest continues to grow. 

The screenplay adaptation is by D.W. Harper from Hiroshi Sakurazaka's graphic novel, while Doug Liman, most famous for directingThe Bourne Identity, is sitting in the director's chair. I hope all these new Tom Cruise projects turn out to be as good and as compelling as their plot outlines suggest.

Is it just me, or has there been a significant lack of intelligent, high quality science fiction films lately? As far as science fiction goes, 2012 appears to have been more disappointing than surprising. 

We'll tell you more about All you need is kill as we get closer to a release date, which I'm guessing will be sometime in 2013.

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