Leonardo DiCaprio’s Twilight Zone movie update

twilightdecaprioWe told you some time ago that Warner Bros. was developing a new Twilight Zone film produced by and probably starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Vulture has just reported some more details for those fans (like myself) keen to know exactly what is on the cards. For those of you who don't know, Rod Serling's science fiction TV series The Twilight Zone (1959 to 1964) was a scriptwriting masterclass. Sterling's science fiction and fantasy tales, along with high production standards and excellent performances, have rarely been matched in today's television wasteland (you can tell I like the original show can't you?).

Apparently there have been a few changes since DiCaprio's Twilight Zone adaptation hit the news, including a new director and new writer. The original director Matt Reeves has moved on to direct Fox's Rise of the Planet of the Apes sequel instead (can't blame him for that as the first film was outstanding), while the writer originally chosen, Joseph Rothenber, has been replaced by Joby Harold. Harold recently helped complete the novel adaptation of All you need is kill, a time travel story starring the born again science fiction actor Tom Cruise. How many science fiction films is Cruise starring in now?

The Twilight Zone film will tell the story of an astronaut test pilot who breaks the speed of light only to discover that he has arrived 96 years into the future upon his return. Sounds similar to the original Planet of the Apes? I assume no Apes are involved in this one though.

Looking forward to hearing and seeing more. No known release date at the moment.

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