This time it's for real: new Dune movie confirmed

Director Peter Berg to direct Paramount's new Dune movieAlthough there were doubts about whether Paramount would obtain the rights to Frank Herbert's science fiction classic Dune, it does look as if a big budget movie with Peter Berg directing is going ahead after all. This will be the second big screen adaptation of arguably the greatest SF novel of all time, a formidable tale set on the desert planet Arrakis, where water is precious, giant worms roam freely, and Great Houses fight for access to a life extending substance called spice.

Most promising of all is that the producers are apparently looking for writers to create a faithful adaptation of Dune. In David Lynch's 1984 adaptation there were numerous differences with the novel; some would probably go as far as to say that the plot was mangled. While I thought there was a great deal to like about Lynch's version, it would be great to see a big budget, big screen version that was faithful to the text.

According to Variety, the movie's producers believe the theme of finite ecological resources is timely given the increasing threat of global warming. Perhaps this will be the start of a series of movies based on Herbert's books? If so, let's hope they can give them the royal movie treatment they deserve.

Paramount’s Dune will be produced by Kevin Misher, Richard Rubenstein and Sarah Aubrey. Kevin Misher spent the past year securing the book rights from the Herbert estate, while Richard Rubenstein produced the two Sci Fi Channel miniseries, Dune and Children of Dune. Sarah Aubrey works for Film 44, Peter Berg's production company.

Peter Berg's directing credits include The Kingdom and Friday Night Lights. He recently completed the upcoming science fiction comedy Handcock with Will Smith.

The new Dune movie has no firm release date (there’s still no script after all), but we'll keep you informed.

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