Scott's Blade Runner sequel finds a new writer and Harrison Ford

Blade2Finally some news about Ridley Scott's Blade Runner sequel we first mentioned back in August 2011. The 1982 science fiction classic has grown in stature over the years and when Ridley Scott first announced he was working on a sequel, science fiction enthusiasts everywhere held their collective breathes. Now there's a new writer on board and a very real possibility that Harrison Ford will make an appearance in the sequel, reprising his role as replicant bounty hunter Rick Deckard according to The Wrap. It looks like Ridley Scott is finally moving forward with the project. If he would return my calls, I'd tell him to forget the Prometheus sequel and tackle Blade Runner 2 instead.

"I don't think it'll be Harry [starring]," Ridley Scott told the UK's Independent newspaper recently. "But I've got to have him in it somewhere. That'd be amusing."

Michael Green, one of the screenwriters behind the recent comic adaptation of The Green Lantern, is in talks to come on board as writer on the Blade Runner sequel.

In May 2012, Scott revealed that the Blade Runner sequel would definitely have a female lead and original writer film's Hampton Fancher would be returning.

Harrison Ford has also been mentioned for a guest appearance in J. J. Abrams' new Star Wars movies.

Having Ford return in any way, shape or form of course raises a lot questions and creates difficulties for Scott and the writers, especially if the film is supposed to be a direct sequel to Ridley Scott's final cut of the film (Blade Runner The Final Cut) where it is clear Harrison Ford is  a replicant. If so, why has he aged between the first film and the sequel? Harrison Ford is now 69. And if his love interest Rachel also returns for the sequel in some way, how will the writers deal with that? I guess they could introduce a replicant that has been programmed to age gracefully over time (with a human use by date), or maybe the sequel could introduce Harrison Ford as the guy who the original Rick Deckard replicant was modelled on?

Do you think it's a mistake to bring back Harrison Ford in any way? Or will this give the film some star power to kick it into a higher box office orbit when it finally makes its way into cinemas?

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