Star Wars films converted to 3D: 2012 release date for Episode I

starwars_stunnedIt had to happen I guess. As soon as 3D become trendy once more it was inevitable that Star Wars creator George Lucas would convert them all to 3D and re-release the entire series yet again. Lucasfilm revealed today that work is under way on converting the Star Wars saga to 3D for an enhanced theatrical re-run. That's all six films. The films will be released in story order (rather than based on their original release dates ) with Episode I: The Phantom Menace the first to hit theatres in 2012.

According to Variety, John Knoll, visual effects supervisor for Lucasfilm's Industrial Light Magic, is overseeing the conversion. The films will be converted to 3D using outside 3D specialists.

Apparently the films will have a unified international release "as close to day and date (worldwide) as possible." He also said they would ensure that the 3D conversion delivers results as good as a movie shot and authored in 3D, but that there were no plans to add or fix visual effects on the movies. This is good news considering how bad a bad 3D film can be.

Perhaps these re-releases will give 3D a much needed post-Avatar boost and put to rest any suggestions that 3D is slowly dying once more.

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