How to talk like an Apple fanatic

applelogoloveIf you know an Apple fanatic, have been one yourself, or heaven forbid, you are one now, you may appreciate the following videos written by Scott Rose and Andrew Baird. Watch a die hard Apple enthusiast express his deep and unwavering commitment to the Apple computer brand. The videos feature such classic Apple loyalist statements as "You don't need flash", "It just works ", "It's so intuitive", "No one needs to add RAM", "There are no viruses", and "If only Apple made [INSERT ANYTHING HERE]".

With the iPhone 5's arrival, expect to hear a lot of these comments from committed Apple fruit fanciers and the media alike (they can't seem to help themselves). Even though the iPhone 5 is only an inch taller, looks and works almost identically to the iPhone 4S, and according to recent reports, has a Maps app that is dead on arrival, the praise and hype is likely to go on for months. Has it ever really stopped?

If you have joined the Apple army and would like to use the phrases yourself, or need help identifying friends and family at risk of losing their souls and minds to the technological fruit God that sells more rectangular devices with rounded corners than anyone else on the planet, watch the videos below. The videos are called "S*** Apple Fanatics Say" Part 1 and 2.

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