Google Glass demo: here comes the future

A reporter from The Verge takes Google's upcoming Google Glass device for a test run. Google has confirmed that augmented reality eyewear will be released before the end of 2013. Yes, you read that correctly, that's this year (assuming you're not reading this article in 2014 of course). Are you ready for a wearable computing device that records video, takes photos and responds to your voice? Or are you one of the many concerned about the privacy implications that wearable devices will create when they hit mainstream consumers? Either way, check out the video for a glance at a fast approaching future.

Google Glasses will have detachable covers - so you can choose different colours and styles - and there will be a version for those of you who already wear prescription lenses. Sunglasses with Google Glass attached will also be offered. As well as videos and pictures, Google Glass can provide you with street directions, allows you to search the web using voice commands and even lets you read other peoples minds (I probably made that last one up).

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