Blake’s 7 remake to be modern and bold

blake7Due to the lack of news I was beginning to think the new Blake’s 7 remake we told you about last year wasn’t happening. Fortunately, Andrew Mark Sewell from B7 Productions, recently told ScifiNow magazine that the new TV series is definitely being developed and gradually edging closer. B7 Productions are working with Sky 1 to make the new show a reality.

“Unfortunately…things take time. We’re just on the next draft of scripts. Everyone’s still very excited about it,” said Sewell. “It’s unsure, at the moment, whether it’s going to be a miniseries or full series. We’re still discussing the best option.”

He believes that the new show has to be good as current hits such as Lost and Doctor Who.

“It’s got to rub shoulders with the likes of Heroes and Lost and so forth. This will be a big show and that’s why it’s taken much longer to make sure we get it right.”

Sewell also said the new TV show would be “very modern and very bold” and would remain, at its core, true to the original TV show: “the Dirty Dozen in space”.

Not sure if I would really compare the original Blake’s 7 to “the Dirty Dozen in space”, but it’s good to hear it’s still moving forward, even if it's not as fast as I would have liked.

Blake’s 7 was originally created by Terry Nation and ran for four years between 1978 and 1981.

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