Torchwood Season 4 details: alien sex a possibility

cooper_gwenWhen Torchwood Season 4 airs next year on Starz, the American cable channel, it will be set in the US rather than Wales and will run for ten jam packed episodes, according to its creator.

"America is the heartland of the story," said Russell T. Davies. "The story moves city in the US, so we have some scenes in Washington, we have some scenes in LA. It's a very, very fast-paced storyline, with a lot of movement. Our intention is absolutely to base ourselves here and work with the best crews and the best actors."

Entitled Torchwood: The New World, Davies told the Television Critics Association that Season 4 would be far more involved than simply the appearance of an alien monster. It also won't follow on directly from Season 3's downbeat ending.

"...That's why you end those shows on that note, because they're ending. We'd never start The New World that way... He [Captain Jack] was left very dispirited and almost defeated at the end of the last series, which we acknowledge and we deal with in a language that will both satisfy old fans and also will move forward into the future."

Apparently Davies has big plans for Captain Jack's love life.

"He can sleep with man, woman or alien," said Davies. "Yes, absolutely, and not just with men. It's important to point out that he's bisexual. The trap you fall into with bisexual men is only having them sleep with men. So it's men and women. You'll see the full range of his appetites, in a really properly done way. It's not just exploitative. We always have done that. Equally, open sexuality has to include everything, and that means having a husband/wife great big crime-fighting team and happily in love."

It looks like characters Gwen and Rhys, as a husband and wife fighting team, will have a central role in the new season.

"Gwen, who is the lead woman of the series, has a lovely husband called Rhys, played by Kai Owen, and now a baby between the two of them," said Davies. "So the sight of Gwen Cooper with baby in one arm and gun in the other is going to be our poster, I hope, because that's just going to be irresistible. I can't imagine Gwen without him, and so he's back. He's a very big part of events. By the time this starts, it will have been off air for two years, I think. We're taking a brand-new audience into consideration. Rhys is now ahead of the game, as it were. There are no secrets. They're a team. It's a really lovely thing to write in a storyline is a husband-and-wife team who love each other. They have fun with each other. It's kind of sexy. It's kind of sexy in a really unusual way. So I love that coupling. He's right up there with the team."

The story follows two yet to be cast American characters, Rex and Ester, a CIA agent and analyst who require the help of Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper with an "alien conundrum".

"Rex Matheson has yet to be cast, because we don't film until January," said Davies. "That character is an entrance into the new story. He's a CIA agent. The fact that Torchwood has been off the air for a while and is also brand-new to a lot of people is actually being used as a part of the story in that Rex has no idea what Torchwood is and has to investigate Torchwood. Torchwood was destroyed, disbanded. It's like a legend now. It's like something that ceased to exist a long time ago that's spoken of only in whispers. So Rex is drawn into this, has no choice but to be drawn into this through complications that you will see in the story. Also, he's at the CIA. We also have a watch analyst at the CIA called Esther, who is now friends with Rex but works with colleagues of Rex's. The two of them become embroiled in the Torchwood legend and investigate what Torchwood is or was."

Davies added that this self-contained, ten-episode story arc could include more sex and violence given the less restrictive censorship guidelines followed by cable television.

If you're a fan of James Marsters though, you're out of luck, as he is not going to be in this ten episode season. Marsters played John Hart in Torchwood's second season.

(via Blastr and io9)

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